Clinker facades make a long-term investment. This is why clinker tiles used in ISO-KLINK-PUR system are products made by proven and recognised manufacturers. Use of clay – a natural product and constant optimization of production make our clinker tiles an advanced and eco-friendly building material.

Facade clinker is highly resistant to frost and humidity. It makes clinker facades practical, durable and eye-catching. The variety of formats and colours allows every customer to find clinker adapted to the surrounding architecture and their own preferences.

The system is based on an insulation facade panel made of self-extinguishing or non-flammable rigid polyurethane foam with clinker tiles embedded in the interlayer. Read more…

The advantages of ISO-KLINK-PUR system:

  • the materials used guarantee high quality, durability and unique elegance for many years without the need of expensive renovations
  • aesthetically pleasing appearance of facade
  • quick and easy assembly - the tiles can be installed by persons inexperienced in laying clinker
  • opportunity to assemble all year long, regardless of the ambient temperature
  • very good thermal insulation properties with much higher parameters than ones of the known and commonly used insulation materials
  • no salt efflorescence on clinker tiles
  • very good diffusion properties allowing the walls to breathe


ISO-KLINK-PUR system has been manufactured in Poland since 1996. From there it goes to recipients completing investment throughout Europe.


We provide you with complete materials - calculate the number of necessary clinker panels, corner elements and other necessary assembly elements.

Delivery to
the customer

We take care of safe transport of clinker. We deliver ready ISO-KLINK-PUR panel system directly to the construction site.

We calculate
price for free

Contact us and give us the dimensions of the building facade. We will calculate the price and the amount of necessary materials.